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  • ♦ I only accept PayPal for payments.
  • ♦ Do not remove the credit.
  • ♦ If your order is a header image only, please give me credit somewhere on your site (maybe on the sidebar or the footer).
  • ♦ All sidebars are widget-ready.
  • ♦ For headers, please send me high-quality photos as much as possible. I can do with medium-quality ones, but they have to be clear. No blurry ones. Tagged pictures will not be accepted.
  • ♦ I would need at least 2 pictures. If they are from the same photoshoot or set, if possible, kindly provide me the entire set/shoot. My layouts generally depend on the look of the header, and when making one, I like to have a wider choice of photos to use, as some might not work. If you want only one picture for the header, please specify it in the ‘comments’ section in the order form.
  • ♦ Once I’m done with the header image, I will send it to you as a header preview via email. I will start coding the theme upon approval.
  • ♦ When I’m done with the coding, I will send you a final preview. If you’re satisfied with it, then you can send me the payment. I will send you the files when I receive it.
  • ♦ Due to the recent Paypal changes regarding fees, it would be best to send the payment as goods/services. However, I may ask you to send an extra charge to cover the fees, which vary depending on the countries we’re in. You may decline to do so, of course.
  • ♦ Feel free to contact me afterwards if you have questions. And if there’s anything that needs fixing, I’ll do my best to fix it.
  • ♦ If you cancel your order and the layout’s either complete or almost complete, I will release it as a premade.
  • ♦ Please take a look (and maybe keep checking back) at my current working list and see how soon I can start working on your order, depending on the queue.
  • ♦ The list includes a progress bar. Header preview status is at 20%, while final previews status is at 90%, to leave the remaining 10 for some changes, if any.
  • ♦ Please give me as much information as you can when you fill out the order form, specifically in the ‘comments’ area. This includes which optional features you’d like to be included, social media buttons you’d need, if you’d like the WP and CPG headers to be different, etc.
  • ♦ In the order form, the keyword is Paradise. If you write something different, I won’t accept your order.
  • ♦ Please give me at least a day to get back to you, like if you’ve already sent me a payment and I still haven’t sent you the files. We probably live in opposite timezones. :)
  • ♦ If you’re happy with my design, I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me some feedback I can post on the site. :)

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