Ten Thousand Beats

Filmography – Documentation


You can install the plugin using two methods:
  • Manually via FTP: Extract the ttbfilmography.zip file and upload the extracted folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress installation. After uploading, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugins link in the admin menu. This will take you to your plugins page. Find Filmography - Ten Thousand Beats and click Activate.
  • WordPress Dashboard: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins » Add New. Click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page. Choose the ttbfilmography.zip file from your computer and click Install Now. WordPress will extract and install the plugin for you. Once finished, click the Activate Plugin button.

In order to use the plugin, you need to add and activate your license. In the admin menu, find and click Filmography. Enter the license code that has been given to you and the associated e-mail address, then click Activate.

Adding projects works the same way as adding standard WordPress pages. To add a new film project, click on Films in the admin menu, then Add New Film. This works the same with Television.
  • Project Details: Fill in the corresponding information. Any field you leave blank will not be displayed on the project page. For the poster, make sure you use the full-size version, not the thumbnail. In the mobile version, it will be displayed at the top and the thumbnail will be stretched out and look pixelated. The Role and Year fields will not be displayed on the individual project pages, but on the Films and Television Shows archive pages. For the cast and crew details, it would be best to keep it at maximum of three names.
  • Synopsis: This area can accommodate line breaks and html tags such as strong, em, a href hyperlinks, etc.
  • Project Links: I have included most streaming platforms, so if the film or television show is available to stream somewhere, you can easily add the link on the page. If there’s one you need that is not listed (an official website, for example), you can add it as a Custom Link. There are three available custom links for you to use.
  • Related Images: This is for displaying thumbnails of related images from the gallery. It can be posters, screen captures, production stills, and any other image related to your project. If you’re linking all images to the project category, you can put the link on the first field #01: Target Link and leave the rest of the target link fields empty. All other image URLs you enter will be using that same link. You can add up to twelve images.
  • Trailer: Make sure you fill in the proper embed code in the Video field. It can be the iframe tag or the video tag. If you leave the label blank, it will display the default value, Official Trailer.
  • Archive Pages: The archive pages are set to arrange the projects by date in ascending order, so whichever page you created first will be the first on the grid, the latest one will be the last. If you need to re-arrange them, simply edit the published date and/time of the page/s by finding Published on under the Publish widget on the right.

You can adjust the style of the filmography pages to make them match your active theme. Simply go to Settings, under the Filmography admin menu.
Projects Grid

These settings are for the archive pages, which will be accessed at your.domain/career/films, your.domain/career/television, and your.domain/career/theatre.

Individual Pages

These settings are for the individual film and television project pages, behaving like standard WordPress pages.

  • Active Theme: Here you can add additional fonts that you want to use. For Custom CSS, you can insert additional CSS properties to adjust your active theme. Most likely, there will be margin and padding issues. You can contact me if you need help with this part. This plugin comes with free support. It would be easier if you could provide me an admin login to your WordPress so I can do the adjustments directly.

  • This plugin will automatically create archive pages for films and television, which will be at your.domain/career/films, your.domain/career/films/television, and your.domain/career/films/theatre. You will need to create your custom career page, accessed at your.domain/career, that will include links to the Films and Television archive pages.
  • To make sure the pages work properly, you need to flush the permalinks after you activate the plugin. To do this, go to Settings » Permalinks, then click Save Changes.

  • Do not resell, redistribute, or claim this product as your own.
  • For personal use only. Do not share this product and your license key with your friends or anyone. This action falls under redistribution of product.
  • If you decide to sell or adopt out a site that’s using this plugin, you agree to deactivate the license on that site before giving out the site.
  • While there’s no credit link embedded on any of the filmography pages, I would truly appreciate it if you put a credit link to my site anywhere on your site for using this plugin.