ten thousand beats
November 07

I added some new additions to my portfolio, including the two recent premades, one of my new sites, Bobby Campo Online, and customized headers for an upcoming JR Bourne site.

Regarding orders, I still haven’t changed my mind about that last post, so they still remain closed, except for the premades.

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Latest Onliners

Gaspard Forever Wordpress / Coppermine
Holliday Grainger Fan Coding: Wordpress / Coppermine
I Heart Hailee Wordpress / Coppermine
Pattinson Point Wordpress / Coppermine

Latest Premades

Headers & Customization

Miss Lily Collins Header
Ashley Zukerman Fan Premade + Header customization
Sunset Curve Custom Collective
Drew Barrymore Online Premade + Header Customization

Collective Premades

Current Orders




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