ten thousand beats
September 27

I’m closing orders again, as I’ve fallen behind again on the updates for some of my sites. I’m not sure when I’ll open them, or if I will open orders again. I’m no longer sure if people are interested in my designs, so I might just stick with releasing premades and keep my designs for my own sites. However, if you’re really interested in ordering, feel free to message me and let’s try to work something out. October’s usually a busy month for me, so that’s another reason I’m doing this. Come November and I may have changed my mind and decide to fully open orders again.

Anyway, you can now find me (and my designs) on Sellfy. It’s much easier that way, so we don’t have to wait some time for each other’s replies. And as I mentioned, I might be busy next month, so this way is much more convenient. Also, I have a new premade coming up, so watch out for that.

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