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May 24

I’ve been working on these new premades for the past weeks, and I’m so glad I have them finally done. I went with a different style/concept, so I made 3 different versions: a dark one, a light one with fixed header, and a light one with a sticky topbar. Hope you all like them! Click the image below for all the details or go straight to my Sellfy account.

January 19

Here’s my latest (responsive) premade, featuring Charlie Weber. I hope you all like it! You can view all the details by clicking the pic below, or go straight through its Sellfy product page. Regarding the order status, it’s still closed, so please stop sending in one. I’m not yet sure when I can take orders again. I’ll be sure to let you know via my Twitter account.

November 04

Here’s my third collective premade! Check it out by clicking the image below for a few more details or go straight to its Sellfy page.

October 12

Here’s my latest (and first responsive) premade, featuring Philip Winchester. You can try resizing your browser when viewing its live preview and see it in action. Anyway, I hope you all like it as much as I do. Click the image for the full details or go directly to its Sellfy page.

September 24

Here’s my latest premade (WordPress and Coppermine combo), featuring Léa Seydoux. Click the image for the full details or go straight to Sellfy. Hope you all like it!

September 07

Check out one of my recent designs (WordPress only) at Jamie Dornan France.